Abbreviated Sample Audio Script with Notation

(notations in parenthesis and bold)

All sounds/actualities/narrations must have time notation at the end like so 00:05 (for five seconds)

 Fade In to (sound of coughing) :05  

 (nat sounds are italicized in parentheses)

Narr.:  The flu bug is catching at EIU.

(Each speaker is noted before colon, i.e., Narr: for narration, NAME: for actuality. Narration is not italicized)

PERRY:  “We hope it won’t … too much.” 00:18

(Actualities should include first three and last 2-3 words of the quote, with ellipses denoting the middle, also in italics with quotation marks ” ” and time)

(nurse giving shot) :05

(nat sound)

Narr.: The college has given out 800 flu shots since Monday. For the Daily Eastern News, I’m Joe Smith.

Fade out

(All transitions are italicized, not in parentheses)


About Bryan Murley

I am associate professor for new and emerging media at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Ill.

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