Twitter Assignment

(Adapted from Mindy McAdams’ Twitter Assignment)

SLUG: Include the word “Twitter” in the title of your post.

Content of the post: Do all the steps below.

STEP 1: Find a Twitter LIST to follow that is specific to your blog topic. You might start here:

You may follow more than one list. Note: You do NOT need to create a list. Just FOLLOW one (or more than one).

STEP 2: IMPORTANT! Using the list(s), choose at least 10 new people to FOLLOW. Make sure each of them is tweeting regularly. These 10 new people must not be friends of yours.

  • Choose people who seem to be information leaders of some kind.
  • Choose people who are tweeting about non-personal things.
  • Choose people who have a clear topic area and some expertise.

OPTIONAL: Besides using Twitter Lists to find good people to follow, you might ALSO try searching on some hashtags for topics that interest you. (What is a hashtag?)

STEP 4: If possible, install a free Twitter app on your phone and check it several times during the day, on at least two different days. TweetDeck is a great app for both iPhone and Android, and they have a great desktop app too!

STEP 5: Report in detail on this experience with Twitter. Include in your blog post a list of the people you are now following on Twitter. When you are finished with the blog post, tweet about it on Twitter. Use a URL shortener like This will be due by the next class period.


About Bryan Murley

I am associate professor for new and emerging media at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Ill.

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